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Did You Know…

With the increased uptake of electric vehicles, businesses will likely choose to rent a site with EV infrastructure and charge points already installed to power their EV fleet?

Grants Available

The good news is that if you meet the OZEV criteria you may be eligible for the EV Charge Point Grant for Landlords. You can claim up to 100 grants per year with a value of £350 per installation which is a staggering £35,000 per year. This can be across multiple sites or just one property.

Special Offers

We can also offer Business to Business lease deals which will cover the total cost of the installation, this coupled with our bolt on maintenance package gives total peace of mind. Why not lease the chargers with your properties and spread the cost?

We would tailor our recommendation to suit your requirements, site conditions and available capacity. Maybe consider the CTEK Chargestorm 2 or Hydra Genesis Twin as both offer the facility to charge 2 EV’s at the same time.

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