We Offer Electric Car Chargers and Installation for Commercial Locations:


Charger Sales

We’ll help you find the right charging equipment for your budget and needs as well as provide all the technical information to get your charger up and running. Whatever car charger option you choose, our customer service team will help ensure an exceptional experience.

Charger Installation

Our team of fully qualified EV chargepoint installation engineers are experienced in installing all EV chargers. If you have chargers in need of installation, or if you’d like an existing charger moved and reinstalled, we can handle everything quickly and up to the required specifications. Don’t take a chance. For the safest results, call in our professionals.

Consulting + Design

This is an exciting time for electric car charger innovation. We’re proud to pioneer and champion innovative approaches including our consultation and site design services. We are approved installers with the major EV charger manufacturers, network and software providers. Our team of experts and engineers have been at the forefront of the EV revolution and have installed 1000’s of car chargers to date with years of experience and practical knowledge to guarantee the best solution for your project.

Full Turnkey

If you are looking for the benefits of electric car chargers without the concerns of maintenance and repair, we offer full turnkey solutions. In addition to helping you to determine the perfect car charger, parking accessories and car charging cables for your EV installation, our service team can monitor your equipment in the back office helping to keep it fully operational.


All of the commercial chargers we sell can be added to an EV charging management back office platform. These cloud based packages can allow for customer billing, fleet management, charger monitoring and even iPhone and Android apps for customers to use to find your chargers. The experts at Workplace EV Chargers can help you select the ideal commercial electric vehicle charging station software for your needs.


– Auto enable Smart charging- Auto Schedule to charge your car with low energy tariff, Low CO2 Emission or Renewable energy.

– Share your domestic charger with public/family/friends and set the KWH rate & time.

– Vehicle Integration- Connect your vehicle with monta to know the exact battery size and how much charge is needed to fully charge your car. 

– Supports Google Pay/Apple Pay/RFID/ Monta wallet/credit card/debit card payment option. 

– There is no fee to use the Monta EV Charging app and you can connect up to 3 domestic chargers without paying a subscription fee.

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