When it comes to electric car chargers, Workplace EV Chargers do it all. We offer a range of chargers for every situation, budget and parking application including full turnkey installation services. Our team of qualified EV Chargepoint installation engineers can handle every installation scenario throughout the North West and Greater Manchester aligning with your requirements for the perfect EV charging solution. You can have the confidence that we will keep your charging stations maintained and operational once installed. If you’re looking to purchase or install electric car chargers for your business, you’ve come to the right place. We sell, service, and install electric car chargers for any commercial application. We’re here to help you gear up for the electric car revolution.


Power on Tap.

Fast. Simple. Reliable.

Say goodbye to poor charging experiences. Tap Electric uses state-of-the-art algorithms together with strict sifting policies to ensure a charging experience as it should be. Combined with the latest payment innovations and an intuitive interface, it gives you the power to charge with a single tap.

Enable payments

Get paid for usage of your chargers

Connect your car park and start earning. And did you know that many airbnb hosts already offer their chargers exclusively to their guests with Tap Electric payments?


Satisfied workers are your company’s most valuable asset, so invest in your existing employee base and attract top talent professionals. Impress informed candidates with your commitment to a sustainable environment and forward thinking.


Use your car chargers to become a destination of choice for ev drivers and create a revenue stream from your EV charging point. Set different tariff rates for staff and visitors.


As EV battery capacity increases, scores of travellers in electric cars will be looking for overnight accommodations – and charging facilities. There are already drivers who dismiss any hotel or motel without convenient EV charging. Don’t miss out on this fast-growing market.


Give your customers one more excuse to visit your shop. Increase your business’ loyalty programs and advertise in real-time. Encouraging customers to park at your business means a shorter distance to carry their purchases, which can only improve your bottom line.